DRAGONWYND “Amulet ov Ages”


Ancient Meadow Records

Second press.

Dragonwynd is a side-project of The Soil Bleeds Black co-founder Mike Riddick, one half of the celebrated “Riddick Twins”. Amulet ov Ages was recorded at Dungeon 325 in 1997. This release is over half an hour of pure old school dungeon synth. For years Dragonwynd has lingered just out of reach, even with an unofficial CD bootleg circulating at times, for over 20 years. Now, for the first time ever on pro-tape, Ancient Meadow brings this rare and obscure old school gem back to the surface. No official upload of Amulet ov Ages exists on Bandcamp, YouTube, or other service. Take our word on it: you don’t wanna miss this tape. Contained within is the true spirit of dungeon music.


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