FUNEREAL MOON “25 Year Anniversary”


Ancient Meadow Records

Arguably the project that cemented the black ambient sound, Funereal Moon celebrates 25 years of evil mastery and vile, shocking darkness paralleled by few others. This double cassette box features both of Funereal Moon’s earliest demos: “Silent Night of Full Moon Shine” and “In the Shadows”. Funereal Moon innovated on the aesthetics and sound of black metal and dungeon synth very early in the formative years of the music. Contemporaries include both Mortiis and the venerated Dark Age Productions. Wicked, horrid, and perverse invocations of true dark dungeon sounds by a true veteran of this genre. Double cassette box includes artwork by Impure Ehiyeh himself, as well as a woven 2.5″ x 4.5″ patch, and an insert with track information.

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