GRAVES OF EDEN “Exile & Artifice”


Brilliant Emperor Records

“Illuminated through dreams in the desolate Autumn of MMXX, “Exile & Artifice” is a transmission of darkened art and moss-covered brilliance from the master of the ‘Graves Of Eden’, the folk/dungeon synth entangled incarnation of the occultic conjurer, BURIER. In this full length follow up to the recent split release with Midlund, invocations and celebrations of Buriers lost realm shine forth within. The sound of hanging bones chime beneath the canopy – porcelain bells entwined with ivy, dripping with honey. Ghosts dance with clouds as the roses ruin in the cursed subterranean garden. Expressionless, a mask lies in the moistened grass as butterflies flutter around its eyes. In stillness it drinks the sky, the master of…”


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