MARI LWYD “Y Ddraig Goch”


Gondolin Records

Vigorous medievalist dungeon synth from the Welsh myth-weaver Mari Lwyd. Following the release of the equally enchanting album ‘Future King’ (GON054), it is time to tend to some important unfinished business, as the 2018 debut of the project has never been materialised in a physical release.

‘Y Ddraig Goch’ literally translates to “Red Dragon”, and is of course a reference to the foremost symbol of Welsh identity. The origins of it can be found in both the Celtic heritage as well as in the Arthurian legends, and thus it is a very apt reference for the music of Mari Lwyd, which is a prime example of contemporary medievalist music with an influence from the Celtic music tradition, but also enshrouded in a layer of myth and mystery thanks to the obviously atmospheric and electronic foundation in dungeon synth.


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