MARTIAL KANKI “Viipale Jokaista Sortimenttia, Kunnes Elämä Loppuu”



Brewed in the martial darkness of the BLACK FACTORY Martial Kanki presents a horrific, sonic journey through the obscure rituals and traditions of the NIGHT SHIFT. Putting on the vomit, coffee, alcohol and blood-drenched rubber overalls of Karjalan Sissit, with pockets rattling with near-empty bottles of uneffective SSRI-pills, a flask of hand-sanitizer and collected works of Schopenhauer, Martial Kanki protrudes into the inner sanctums of factorial existence/non-existence. Stupid and childish, mentally ill, paranoid and fully deranged it explores different functions of the BLACK FACTORY, the production hall producing horse-like pieces, the processing line where the souls are crushed with black platform boots, never losing it mindlessly gleeful smile.


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