MOON’S VENERIS / OLD CASTLES “Secluded in a Bitter Obsidian Eclipse”


Mahamvantara Arts Records / Nebula ad Noctem

New ghostly apparition under an incredible union, two entities dedicated to the most sinister spectral art immersed in the pan-dimensional trance and the rotten line between the “Raw black noise”.

Again the “Moon’s Veneris” brings us a new and amazing work with four new tracks enthroned in the most faithful ambient sound referring to the characteristic performance of “Black Majesty” in the interludes, a mysterious and heartrending sound influenced by the purest and most glorious primitive trance. While the part of “Old Castles” is a compilation of “Ave Carpathia” demo recorded the year 2012 in Sweden, it offers us an extra final track totally abysmal with a sound very close to the “Noise”


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