NIGHTGENGA “The Wælmist”


Dark Adversary Productions

Nihtgenga – “The Wælmist” – is almost an hour and a half of pure Dark Ambient and Dungeon Synth soundscapes created by Akhtya Nachttoter (Black Funeral, Darkness Enshroud, Akhtya, Strigoii etc.).

Nihtgenga is founded upon the dungeon ambient and synthesizer tones and atmospheres so inspired by Anglo-Saxon sorcery, black witchcraft, middle ages demonology and the syncretism of Norse deities and Medieval Satanism from the profane view of ignorant Christianity after the height of the Antichrist traditions of biblical scribes. The Seidhr, Celtic, Gaulish including the assimilated Demonology of medieval Christianity are united with the magical practices of the Deofol (Devil) cult. The abyss of darkness and fog encircle as the Ouroboros Dragon from which this realm is elevated from. Deep forests, demonic spirits and ancestral deities of malignant and beneficial natures are bound in this land of phantoms. Nightmares and sorceries of the Patronage of Asmodeus and the being so named here as Nihtgenga. Vampyric and Necromantic practices engulf and inspire the very concept of Nihtgenga. The metaphysical foundations and sinister theology of Black Magick and the Predatory Spiritualism of Vampyrism are deeply symbolized within this album.


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