ÖRNATORPET “Blodbad Och Efterspel”


Gondolin Records

Description for the 2nd edition:

The recent interest in Sweden’s Örnatorpet was never a surprise to those who were captivated by the project through this album back in 2018. ‘Blodbad Och Efterspel’ builds on the dreamy melancholic foundations of the earliest material to form an expanded expression with foreboding, dramatic buildups and triumphant medievalist dungeon synth.

The album references the events in 16th century Sweden surrounding the Stockholm Bloodbath instigated by the Danes. Luckily things have been running more smoothly between our countries since, and the collaboration between Gondolin and the artist has also involved a release of the Mystiska Skogen project earlier this year. This 2nd edition features a somewhat reinterpreted artwork.


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