ROG “Avalon”


Ancient Meadow Records

Join me on this legendary journey to a world not far beyond the world of the living, but far beyond the enchanted mist above the lake. I will row the boat. I know the way. So come, join me on this journey to Avalon, the isle of Apple Trees. Here, the old king Arthur along with the gods and the heroes gathers his strength for the day when he will return to lead his people against their enemies.

Here, the white-bordered paths are littered with enchanting blossoms. The trees are tall and ever-green. In their leaves, the winds will hum the names you’ve known. They will tell you, at odd hours, what dwells in the mists above the lake. We will look for the old turret; from there we’ll watch the stars until the dream takes you. Far, far away. Far away, to a different state of mind.

This album is dedicated to the mysterious and mystic aura of Avalon: a tale, a truth and a symbol. To the essence of rebirth; the recurrence of honor and to all those that have not yet left. I hope it finds you well, stranger.


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