RYMDBORG “Nail Farer”



Cardboard slipcase has some slightly corner bends due to previous shipping. Nothing serious tho.

Vikings, from Norse víkingr, were space warriors, explorers and colonizers from mainly the present Nordic countries. When during the first half of the Space Viking Age, around 900 BC, the first longships were launched, the question of travelers’ survival in extremely cosmic climate was solved by imitating the cryptobiosis of the Tardigrades, also known colloquially as water bears, or moss piglets. Cryptobiosis is a condition similar to an excessive hibernation where metabolism ceased in defense of changes in the environment and other external threats to the organism, such as dehydration and freezing. These methods were, at that time, very favorable for journeys between our nearby celestial bodies but serious difficulties arose as soon as one dared travels to stars closest to our earth. Such a journey could take up to 4000 years, which meant a terrible and unforeseen plight for the Vikings. Even in cases where the cryptobiosis were total, the nails, the beard and the hair of the sleeping pilots continued to grow, which has rarely been a quandary for shorter space trips of a few hundred years. But these situations could end in disaster at interstellar trips. When the longships could no longer accommodate the increasing masses of thick pressed and swirling nails and hair, the hulls would burst into a cascade discharge of sulfur-containing keratin. Such a macabre fate was called by the Vikings to go “Naglfar” or to be a Nail Farer. 


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