SAUVAN SANKARI “Sauvan Sankari”



In the vast, phallic landscapes of sparse, infinite woods and crude basalt monoliths, one can see a solitary rider. He is the romantic hero, the servant, the iron thumb of the lost King of Finland. And he rides in silence, for the essence of the air is silence, and the essence of the earth is the mud of muteness and the world slumbers in Autumn twilight. But within the rider’s heart lives a song, black and orcish, warlike poem, yet not without some rare drops of scarlet beauty flickering few and far between

First taped war poem of Sauvan Sankari offers 5 tracks and 16 minutes of forested, orcish black paganism. Drenched in the questionably romantic traditions of Woods of Infinity and Finnish black spirit, and drawing inspiration from the most hallucinatory visions of Ingmar Bergman and the carnivalesque cuckold eroticism of Rabelais, Sauvan Sankari takes you on a deep journey in the dark, into the Gollum’s lair and below, to the mighty, bloody orc pits of the old. And with them, Aslan will suffer.


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