SEIÐR “Intethedens Afsky”


Galvorn Records

The inaugural Galvorn offering is the tape release of Seiðr’s 2019 full-length ‘Intethedens Afsky’. A Danish black metal solo project with an intense, raw and uncompromising approach. Sometimes occupying the harsh corrosive end of the contemporary bm spectrum, but on ‘Intethedens Afsky’ also rising into a soaring 2nd wave-reminiscent style with occasional restitutional dungeon synth passages forming between the emphatic discharges.

Seiðr has previously released on Skjold, Tour de Garde, Hævngær and Nattetale, and is the creation of the same entity, who is also behind the dungeon synth project Henbane with multiple releases on Gondolin Records. Just like it’s calmer dungeon synth counterpart, Seiðr draws inspiration from a cold, ancient and elusive past.


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