SOLANUM “Spectral Poetry”


Gondolin Records

The 1999 follow-up album of the legendary German project Solanum with astounding atmospheric tracks like “Fortuna” and the riveting original opus “This Time…”. This tape release features the original audio in a discrete respectful remastering on the A-side. The B-side collects new interpretations from the contemporary dungeon synth projects Moth Tower and Henbane as well as previously unreleased uptempo material from around the year 2000.

To those who are unfamiliar; Solanum is the solo project of Master B.S. from the essential 90s dark ambient / dungeon synth project Depressive Silence. ‘Spectral Poetry’ was the last release from the project to this day, and has somewhat unjustly been living in the shade of the more famous debut ‘Spheres Of Time’.


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