WITCHSTEEL “Mountain Of The Red Flame”


Gondolin Records

Epic tolkienite dungeon synth in accordance with the noble traditions, and certainly not holding back on the grand atmospheres and yearning moods.

Unashamedly a worship album in honour of the legendary dungeon synth project Thangorodrim, which means these are not cover versions, but rather the artist trying to take a single source as inspiration in creating his own compositions. And just like the written sources have confirmed Thangorodrim was also indulging in worship of Mortiis era 1 in a similar fashion, it becomes apparent, that a true artist always adds a signatory expression, even if they are trying to or not. In this case, a fined-tuned sense for engaging melodic compositions and dramatic productions makes Witchsteel a notable contribution within the traditions laid out by the aforementioned projects.

Behind the project is Lord Tetrarch of the venerable dungeon synth project Forgotten Land, which was active in the silent period of the mid-00s as one of very few working on what would later be called dungeon synth. In recent years he has been behind numerous prolific projects on the contemporary scene, including Diplodocus and Mirthquell to name but a few.


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